Check Your Flexible Hoses and Avoid Expensive Flooding

Have you checked the one hose that can cause thousands of $$ in home damage?

One of the most common causes of internal flooding in homes is from a burst flexible water hose, or ‘flexi hose,’ a common plumbing item used in both Australia and around the world.

Flexible hoses are used to connect the main water supply to major appliances, sinks and toilets in your home. They are also one of the top causes of home flooding.

It is highly likely that you have flexible hoses in your home. Leaking and bursting of these hoses can largely be prevented with some simple maintenance checks.

Problems can occur with flexible hoses due to incorrect installation or hose size, lack of simple maintenance, poor product quality, and the overall age of the flexible hose.

The most important thing you can do to protect against flooding is prevention!

Have a licensed plumber install your flexible hoses and check those installed for product integrity.

You can also perform effective, simple checks yourself by regularly looking for worn spots, rust spots, kinks in the hose, fraying of hoses or hoses that are too taut. Check all flexi hose connectors remain tight and intact.

A small leak that can be easily repaired may also be an indicator that the time for whole-house replacement of water hoses is approaching.

Even correctly installed hoses that are maintained have a limited lifespan and should be replaced every five years.

So, check your flexible hoses… are they all in good condition? Do you need any replaced?

Protect your home today and do a hose check.

Call us today if you require any further information about flexible hoses.