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Newcastle is a big city, with plenty of service providers to choose from, especially when it comes to hot water installation and repairs. The trouble is, how do you know who to choose? Obviously you want someone who is going to offer the best value for money, but also advice you can trust to see you through.

Hot water heaters are a big expense for homeowners and businesses alike, so it’s well worth having professional advice on what hot water system is going to perform best for your particular property. This is where Fluid Plumbing Services come in.

A professional plumber is the right person to look after your hot water needs, even if your hot water is gas, electric or solar. A qualified plumber will have the widest range of skills to handle the pipes and fittings to look after your current unit or install a new one.

Fluid Plumbing Services are a name you can trust, with over 20 years of experience working in and around the Newcastle region. We know that as one of the oldest cities in Australia, there are plenty of ways Newcastle homeowners can change their setup to be cost-effective and add value to their home in the long run.

We know how important your time is, which is why we arrive when we say we will and keep your budget in mind when we make our recommendations. We do everything we can to reduce costs and provide you with quality workmanship for less.

To help make your hot water services even more affordable we have special deals available with generous maintenance discounts and installation discounts so you can book with confidence.

For service excellence and five star quality within your budget, Fluid Plumbing Services are here to help.

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Current Offers

$50 off Servicing Existing Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Services in Newcastle

Hot water is a valuable resource that mostly gets overlooked in our homes and businesses. You simply expect that hot water will come on when you ask it to, and most of the time, it does.

It’s really only when it stops working, or refuses to work well, that you start to think about the heating unit that makes it happen.

A big problem here is a lack of ongoing maintenance. We forget about our hot water systems to the point where they don’t get any attention. This is especially true for tank hot water systems as the stored water also contains a lot of corrosive materials that can rust a tank out over time. To help combat this, anode rods are used as a sacrifice, attracting the minerals so they corrode and not the tank. These are designed to be replaced every three to five years. Many people forget to schedule maintenance that gets those decayed rods out and replaced with new ones. As well as potentially reducing the length of your hot water heater life, you may also experience a drop in the quality of your water pressure and build-up of sediment in your pipes.

When hot water maintenance is convenient and affordable, it makes it easy to get your hot water service the attention it needs to continue its hard work every day. Maintenance is a big cost-saver in the long run because it can increase the life of your water heater by years.

At Fluid Plumbing Services we understand the issues you face in making your hot water maintenance convenient which is why we provide a set time (not a time bracket) and stick to it. We have the professional skill to carry out our work quickly without cutting corners, so you can get back to your day. All our work comes with a full upfront quote so you know exactly where you stand.

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Hot Water Brands

There are a number of big differences across hot water system brands, with price and reliability the biggest factors to take into account. We can give impartial advice on which brand is going to be best suited to your needs and budget. As well as being familiar with the most recognisable hot water brands like Rheem, Vulcan, Dux and Rinnai, we stay up to date with our brand partners, giving us the ability to work on these systems under warranty and know how to assist with everything from their oldest, to their most current products.

Hot Water Types

There are four main types of hot water to choose from; electric, gas, solar and heat pump.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water heaters are the most common hot water heater type in Australia. These are some of the cheapest in terms of the initial purchase price, can fit neatly into a small cupboard space and the unit gives you reliable hot water for as long as 15 years with proper maintenance. On the downside, thanks to high electricity costs, they are also the most expensive to run and have a big impact on greenhouse gases.

Gas Hot Water Systems

After electric hot water, gas systems have the next biggest use in Australia. If you have natural gas connected to your home, gas water heating is a great way to reduce your bills as well as your carbon footprint. The units are a little more expensive upfront and typically last up to ten years. You need to make sure your unit is placed in a well-ventilated area and you have gas safety checks completed from time to time to ensure your home is safe.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Even though the cost of solar is high compared to other heating systems, you get a lot for your money as multiple solar panels and batteries are part of the price. You need to consider that what you save in bills will pay back your investment and significantly reduce your environmental impact in only a few years’ time. Government rebates in some cases can help reduce the costs, and once installed, your yearly ongoing costs for hot water can be as little as $65.

Heat Pumps 

While not as widely known as other hot water types, heat pumps are the perfect middle ground between electric and solar hot water choices. You can harness the heat from the air to power this unit and significantly reduce your bills, and it’s green energy too. While purchasing prices are higher, your electricity bills will be slashed and you can expect your unit to last much longer than the rest.

Our Hot Water Services

Fluid plumbing offers a range of hot water services to help give you the best possible efficiency from your hot water system purchase.

Hot Water Repair

Small and low-cost repairs can help improve your overall water heater performance and extend your system’s life expectancy. Fluid Plumbing staff carry a number of parts for the biggest brands ready in our trucks so we can make the switch right there and then, without waiting days for an order to be processed.

Hot Water Installation or Replacement

When you weigh up the options you may choose to replace your existing hot water system with something similar, or you might be ready to install an entirely new unit type. We can provide a wide range of options for continuous hot water and tank systems for electric, gas and heat pump setups to fit the existing configuration of your Newcastle property or give you complete quotes and new configuration options if you choose to switch to the greener energy of solar hot water heating. Whichever you choose, Fluid Plumbing Services can help recommend a system that will meet your requirements and give you maximum efficiency, not just for your home or business hot water demands, but for your energy efficiency too. 

Hot Water Maintenance and Service

Our professional hot water team in Newcastle can maintain your hot water system to keep everything running smoothly and ensure your water stays hot all year round. Regular hot water maintenance is important to extend the life of your unit and help minimise the cost and downtime for big repairs down the track. We can set up a maintenance schedule with you from the start so you know where you stand with costs. As well as ensuring your hot water is reliable and strong, checking in on your hot water unit allows us to catch issues early so we can make repairs that are small, fast and affordable rather than your hot water going out with an unexpected bang. 

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