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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Newcastle

When it comes time to replace your hot water heater, it’s well worth looking outside the box to make a purchase that will really give back to your home and environment with a heat pump. Your hot water heater typically sits tucked away on your Newcastle property without you paying much attention – until it stops working, which is something you’ll notice in a big hurry.

While hot water heaters have a pretty great lifespan for an appliance that is on call for top performance day and night, most homeowners need to replace their hot water unit at least once during their time in a property. When that happens, it can be a bit of a shock to your time and finances to regain access to hot water in a hurry. This urgency often causes a knee-jerk reaction of replacing the system like-for-like without really crunching the long-term costs.

You’ll be paying for your hot water energy consumption for the next ten years at least, so factoring in your ongoing costs is something that can really make a difference to your overall hot water costs. Green energy alternatives to electric hot water make a big difference to your energy bills and environmental impact.

Heat pumps come into solar energy because they use heat from the sun to bring your hot water to temperature but rather than direct sunlight, like solar panels and solar hot water, a heat pump extracts the warm air around it. That gives you greater access to hot water day and night, for a fraction of the cost of an electric hot water storage system. Installation costs are around the same as a like-for-like replacement since the plumbing systems are very similar to electric water heaters.

While the cost for heat pumps is higher than standard electric systems there are government rebates you can draw on to help with finances and you still get access to the same big brands in the heat pump range with quality offerings from Rheem, Evoheat and Quantum.

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What is a Heat Pump Hot Water System?

A heat pump reduces reliance on electricity or gas for your household hot water in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens by extracting warm air around it to transfer heat to water and store it ready for use. This is a hot water heater that is perfectly suited to the Newcastle environment as the year-round warmer temperatures provide everything a green energy heat pump needs to work effectively. 

While the key ingredient is heat, you don’t need a large amount of it to be effective. The internal refrigerant changes from liquid to gas at very low temperatures so you get access to efficient hot water even when temperatures outside are as low. 

The ideal operating atmosphere lies between 4.4 degrees and 32 degrees Celsius. That means that even on overcast, rainy days and overnight you will be able to effectively operate and produce heat for your hot water needs.

How Does a Heat Pump Hot Water System Work?

A heat pump works using a refrigerant chemical R134a which is environmentally friendly and has no greenhouse emissions. The highly efficient heat transfer system works on the same principle as evaporative air conditioners and refrigerators, only in reverse. Using the heat in the ground or surrounding atmosphere, the heat pump activates the R134a chemical in a chamber, causing it to transfer from liquid state to gas. This creates a high volume of compression and enough heat to transfer to the water storage area. 

Because the compressed piping becomes so instantly hot, it is able to heat water to temperature much faster than electricity can. At the end of the cycle, the cold compressed air is expelled and the chemical changes back to a standby liquid.

In terms of energy, all you need to supply is power for is the compressor and fan. You’ll reduce your energy bills down to about a third of the cost compared to standard electric hot water systems of similar size as well as saving tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere every year. 

What are the Benefits of a Heat Pump Hot Water System?

While the initial cost of a heat pump purchase is more expensive than standard home heating, over the lifetime of the unit you will see significant savings and many households find their heat pump pays for itself in savings. Government rebates can make this more affordable so it’s worth checking with our team at Fluid Plumbing to see what the current incentives are for Newcastle and surrounding homes. 

Tapping into green energy and sustainable sources means your energy source is environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while still giving you the hot water access you need for your home through a highly efficient method of rapidly heating water.

Installation costs are usually lower than switching to another hot water unit if your current home setup is different since the heat pump system setup is very similar to standard electric hot water plumbing.

As well as seeing money in your wallet every time your electricity bill comes in, you’ll be adding value to your home if you choose to sell in the near future.

What Heat Pump Solutions are Available in Newcastle?

Heat pumps are available in Newcastle right now across a wide range of brands, including Rheem, Quantum and Evoheat. You have two main choices for heating types:

  1. Compact systems which come as a single unit containing the tank and compressor
  2. Split systems where the storage tank and compressor are housed separately – just like how a split system air conditioner is installed. 

In order to know which to choose and how much to spend, one of our friendly and expert Fluid Plumbing team will come to your Newcastle property to inspect your current hot water setup and determine your space and hot water requirements. We’ll make sure we discuss options with you to really get to know what you are looking for to see which system will be best suited to your needs. From there we can discuss prices and provide a written quote if you’d like to go ahead.

Why Choose Fluid Plumbing to Install Your Heat Pump?

Fluid Plumbing strives to bring you the very best customer service for your Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Hunter Valley property. Our licensed and insured tradesmen will take absolute care and show incredible respect when visiting your home in order to give you the best value for your time and family.

You’ll know where you stand well before we get started with our careful planning, fixed, upfront prices and interest-free finance options.

We’ll take care of your needs after service has been compelled as well with our 24 hours, 7 days a week same day emergency service and 365 Day Workmanship Guarantee.

Give Fluid Plumbing a call to see how we can help install a heat pump on your property and start you off on a greener journey.

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