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Fluid Plumbing Services are the hot water specialists to turn to for your Central Coast hot water needs. We have the experience and training to assist you with just about any hot water requirement and we can cover the widest range of brands and parts. Our professional work covers installation, maintenance and repairs, all at reasonable rates with our trusted five-star service quality.

It’s our passion to help improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your costs wherever we can, so if we see a problem with your existing water heater setup, we can discuss ways you can make improvements to see long term gains and get more for your money.

The central coast is a simply stunning part of the world, with steep hills and valleys and beautiful beaches. With a rapidly growing local population, we want to do our part through our services to help keep our environment beautiful and reduce greenhouse impacts, which is why all our team members are skilled in solar and green energy hot water options, as well as the standard gas and electric systems you are probably more familiar with. 

We’ve been operating in the Central Coast region for over 20 years and love our work improving plumbing and hot water delivery to homes and businesses. We have the experience and expertise to handle all of your hot water servicing needs.

As part of our dedication to you and your hot water system care, we have maintenance discounts and installation discounts available to help make your hot water services even more affordable. Have a chat with us about our free quote and see what we can do to keep you in hot water all year round.

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$50 off Servicing Existing Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Services on the Central Coast

With such a wide range of hot water systems to choose from it can feel overwhelming to make the right choice, especially when it can be a big financial investment. Most homeowners and business landlords end up defaulting to whatever previous hot water system they had, but this can mean you are missing an opportunity to have a more effective system installed.

The right hot water system for your property can help improve your hot water availability and flow, as well as reduce your quarterly energy bills. 

When factoring in what system to choose it’s important to consider your ongoing costs, not just for energy but also the length of time until the next replacement. Each hot water system has an expected lifespan, although there will be differences within different system styles, such as continuous and tanks, as well as brand and any ongoing maintenance you choose to incorporate. Looking after your unit with regular maintenance and necessary part replacement can mean you get much more life from your tank than expected, whereas, avoiding maintenance can significantly shorten your hot water system’s ability to perform and might mean early replacement. 

Talk to a skilled and professional hot water provider like Fluid Plumbing Services about what the ongoing costs will be and how often servicing is required for the system you are considering.

While the cost of changing your system to another type might be a little more upfront, you may end up saving this back or more over the next decade in energy costs and maintenance schedules.

Fluid Plumbing team members will always take careful note of your property’s individual requirements in order to recommend a hot water system that will be able to keep up with what you need and provide hot water with reliable efficiency.

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Hot Water Brands

Our team of experts will help you select the most appropriate brand and style of water heater for your Central Coast home or business, based exclusively on your water demands and budget. We work across all brands equally, including the leading brands: Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, and Vulcan. This ensures our skills and experience are able to meet whatever system preference you have, and the advice we give is never biased towards an affiliate company. We work for you.

Hot Water Types

Most Australian homes are connected to electric hot water, which is part of the biggest contributor to Australian greenhouse gas emissions. It is well worth considering your choices to go with greener energy if you can, it will not only give back to the environment but can be a real selling point for a future sale and reduce your energy bills.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water is appealing because of the low initial purchase price, reliability and long life. These are also the best hot water heaters for small spaces, like units, because they don’t need a lot of space and can be installed indoors as well as outside. With care and maintenance, your electric system can last 15 years, and even longer for tankless systems.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems can cost less to run compared to electric as the heating process is more economical, requiring less gas to obtain temperature. This really only works out financially if your Central Coast property is connected to natural gas mains, as LPG gas is rather expensive.  As well as being a little cheaper to run, they are better for the environment, however, you may need to replace your unit after ten years.

Solar Hot Water Systems

The greenest option for hot water is solar energy. The team at Fluid Plumbing are highly familiar with installing solar hot water systems. While it can be expensive to set up, the solar panels and batteries are a great investment and will pay back in low energy bills and give your home a great energy rating. It’s well worth discussing how viable this is to your property and looking at any government funding that may be available. 

Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps are the next big thing in hot water systems. These greener energy solutions can be connected to your existing electric hot water configuration, therefore reducing the cost of switching systems, and can provide hot water through heat transfer using outside air. They can slash your hot water energy expenses without the high investment of solar. They do need space to operate so the right location is essential.

Our Hot Water Services

Once your hot water unit is professionally installed in your home you’ll want to stay on top of maintenance to prolong the life of your system and ensure high efficiency and water supply. Our team is qualified to help you with all your water heating needs:

Hot Water Repair

A stitch in time saves nine is true for everything, even hot water systems. When you address small issues straightaway the costs are less and there is no downtime. Looking after small issues also helps increase the overall life of your system and get years more value from the investment. It’s really important to note that some elements of hot water systems are designed to corrode early to prevent damage to your tank. Making sure you get these parts replaced on time saves your tank from rust and the explosions that can result if left untreated.

Hot Water Installation and Replacement

The cheapest way to buy a new hot water system is to replace your old one with something new that is pretty much identical. This will reduce the time it takes to complete the work as well as the parts (pipes and electrics) needed to make them fit. You can also choose to install a completely new system which has big long term advantages like cost-efficiency, increased hot water availability and reduced environmental impact. Whichever option you choose Fluid Plumbing can give you the widest range of water heaters to select from and provide expert advice on your options in terms of ongoing costs, serving and eventual replacement.

Hot Water Maintenance and Service

Once your new hot water system is installed you can rely on Fluid Plumbing to provide affordable and reliable ongoing maintenance checks. We will make sure your unit is covered every step of the way so you get the quality and value you paid for upfront, right to the very end. A key benefit of regularly scheduled maintenance is early intervention if something is amiss. We can also give you a heads up if your system is starting to age beyond repair so you can make plans and start putting aside money early to make your next hot water purchase less of a surprise and a more comfortable investment.

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