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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems on the Central Coast

Greener options are rapidly becoming more widely available with a growing number of opportunities for those living on the Central Coast to switch to cleaner energy.

While solar panels and solar hot water are widely talked about and visible on rooftops, a slightly more secretive option is a heat pump hot water system.

You might not have heard a lot about heat pumps but they are picking up interest in Australia. Many people find the advantages and benefits are well worth the investment, especially for properties where solar panels are not a viable option or for small installations like pumps for heated swimming pools. There are over 18 brands and 80 models of heat pump water heaters on the Australian market, so you won’t be short on price or range. 

Fluid Plumbing can visit your residential site and assess your hot water needs to provide comparisons to a number of solar hot water options and give you installation prices across a full range so you can see what will fit your budget best. It’s also well worth asking about the current government rebates available to help reduce the costs and make this an easier investment for your property.

Heat pumps are typically easy to install in place of an existing electric hot water heater as they use similar connections, so you won’t see staggering installation estimates if you choose to make the switch.

If you are looking to replace your hot water heater and want to explore options that are cheaper to run than your current system, our team at Fluid Plumbing can let you know your heat pump options and prices on a range of makes, models and brands including hot water leaders like Rheem, Quantum and Evoheat.

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What is a Heat Pump Hot Water System?

Technically a heat pump falls under solar because it uses natural heat as energy, but it differs from other solar solutions as there are no catchment panels or collection points needed, and it also works without the sun! A heat pump simply extracts the heat from the surrounding environment and internalises the warm air to heat a refrigerant chemical inside. All that is required is a small amount of electricity to work the compressor and fan, everything else uses ambient heat, making these units three times more efficient than the average electric hot water system. 

As you’ll know from experience, warm summer nights and heat in the ground is available long after the sun goes down, which is why heat pumps offer more flexible hot water options than other solar, as long as the temperature around it is more than 10 degrees Celsius, it works!

How Does a Heat Pump Hot Water System Work?

The refrigerant chemical used inside the heat pump chamber is the same as the one in your home fridge and evaporative air conditioning, only instead of drawing hot out inside and expelling it outside, the system works the other way around. It draws hot air surrounding it in, and the chemical reaction causes pressure that rapidly heats water that is then pushed through for your use or stored in a tank. The chemical cools again and waits for the next time water is needed.

The internal process is known as a heat exchange system. You can also choose to have the used cool air expelled into a room, rather than returned outdoors to give you energy-efficient cooling as well.

The small amount of chemical contained in the heat pump chamber is enough to supply hot water to your household over and over for the life of the unit, however, heat pumps do benefit from periodic maintenance. Checks to make sure the unit is drawing heat from the best source and working efficiently can significantly extend your heat pump efficiency as well as life expectancy.

What are the Benefits of a Heat Pump Hot Water System?

Your heat pump will allow you to save money thanks to lower energy bills that also significantly cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pumps use as much as 65% less energy than conventional electric storage hot water heaters and still provide enough hot water to cater to a three to four-person home (with a 270-litre tank).  All this is possible without any solar panels, converters, batteries or rooftop solar mounting.

As long as the air temperature around the heat pump is greater than 4.4 degrees celsius you can have access to hot water in your home, that’s regardless of the time of day, or the time of year.

In most cases heat pumps are easy to install and connect using your existing plumbing so you won’t have to pay for complex installation work like you would if you were converting from electric to gas or electric to solar hot water.

Installing a heat pump at your Central Coast address will also help add value to your home with a sought-after feature that gives your property an edge over others on the market.

What Heat Pump Solutions are Available on the Central Coast?

Heat pump water heaters work best in environments that can provide temperatures between 4.4º and 32.2ºC year-round, which make them perfectly suited to Central Coast homes as we are in the ideal operating range. 

Most heat pumps are positioned outside in Australian homes but an indoor installation is an option for the right home set-up. 

The team at Fluid Plumbing will need to assess how much space you have for the heat pump to work as open areas work better than enclosed ones, and keeping the units away from bedrooms and neighbours is important as there can be some noise from the unit when it’s working. 

We will also assess:

  • The size of the unit you need
  • What booster energy sources are available
  • Which heat pump brand will deliver your hot water needs with the highest efficiency

We can also give you an idea of the ongoing energy costs as well as the best maintenance schedule going forward to keep your heat pump working better for longer.

Why Choose Fluid Plumbing to Install Your Heat Pump?

Proper installation and maintenance of your heat pump water heating system can optimise its energy efficiency which is why you need to hire professionals who know what they are doing, not just with the installation itself but also in helping you plan the right hot water for your home.

If you are at all unsatisfied with the quality of our service we offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. It’s a promise we can make with certainty having over 20 years of local experience that brings with it our excellent customer service record.

We know how important your time and family home is which is why we always tread lightly and with respect for your home from planning through to installation and clean up. Leave your Lake Macquarie Central Coast, Gosford or Brooklyn home efficiency in good hands with Fluid Plumbing Services.

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