Electrical Safety Around The Home

Electricity powers our homes, providing the energy needed to light our rooms, run our appliances, and charge our devices. It’s a ever-present part of modern life, but its invisible nature can sometimes lead to overlooked dangers. Understanding how electricity works within our homes is essential for ensuring safety for ourselves and our families. In this […]

All You Need To Know About Smoke Alarms

Prioritising the protection of your residence and loved ones against the peril of fire must never be overlooked. Sadly, numerous domestic fires are reported annually in Australia. Studies indicate that prompt detection of fire or its smoke significantly influences whether you and your family evade harm. This underscores the importance of smoke detectors. In this […]

Causes of Power Outages at Home

Power outages can strike at any moment, disrupting our daily routines and leaving us in the dark – literally. Whether you’re in the middle of cooking dinner, working from home, or simply relaxing with your family, an unexpected loss of electricity can be both inconvenient and unsettling. However, understanding the causes of power outages and […]

Average Electricity Bills On The Central Coast

When it comes to the cost of living in the Central Coast district of New South Wales, one significant factor for residents is the price of electricity. Energy bills are a considerable part of household budgets, with homeowners and renters alike feeling the impact of fluctuating energy prices.  Recent findings have indicated that the average […]

Average Electricity Bills in Newcastle

As one of the largest cities in New South Wales, the demand for energy in Newcastle is significant, and the average electricity bill varies based on factors such as household size, energy consumption habits, and usage patterns. In Newcastle, electricity bills can vary significantly depending on several factors. Some of these factors include the size […]

Fluid Plumbing Youth Sports Sponsorship & Impact

Our owner, David Mikkelsen, has been an active participant in community sports for over 40 years. He understands the benefits that community sports provide to children, including valuable life skills such as teamwork, communication, and resilience. As David puts it, “community sports offer a sense of belonging and provide a fun and supportive environment for […]

What You Need to Know about Canberra’s Water Supply

Canberra is known as the Bush Capital due to its inland location, far from any major water source and surrounded by deserts. Fortunately, it has an abundant water supply that keeps Canberra’s residents with access to plenty of fresh, clean water.  Get a better understanding of Canberra’s water supply and make sure you have all […]

Average Water Bills in Canberra

With the rising cost of living already hurting and many homeowners feeling the pinch of interest rates, it’s not the best of times to be announcing new water prices destined to hit the ACT in 2023. Be that as it may, there is no stopping the water fee increase so putting some water-saving strategies in […]