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At Fluid Plumbing we’ve seen Bosch provide dependable hot water systems to Australian homes and businesses for over 60 years. It’s important to us that you receive the hot water access you need at affordable prices which is why we take the long-term ongoing costs of running your hot water system for the next 10-15 years – maybe more- into account.

To meet and exceed your expectations for your Newcastle home Fluid Plumbing ensure that we only sell and install the very best hot water systems that have a history of high performance and reliability. This is why we include Bosch hot water systems as part of our line-up of exceptional providers that deliver real value for money.

Bosch has a reputation for meticulous engineering, geared for efficiency, functionality and reliability while not being overpriced. Another aspect of Bosche we love here at Fluid Plumbing is the innovation seen in their product advancement. Bosch is often the first on the market with trailblazing new technologies, offering more convenience and value to our customers.

German-designed, Bosch offers a flexible range of high-quality hot water heaters, targeted to provide instantaneous, unlimited hot water to your home with incredible energy efficiency. Within the Bosche offering is a top-rated range of tankless units, especially tankless gas hot water systems that are suitable for both natural gas connection as well as LPG.

There is a huge range to choose from that not only rewards your wallet but also the environment with lower carbon emissions, including the Mechanical and Condensing range both boasting a 6-star plus energy rating, also the compact high flow system range with 5-energy stars or more.

Give Fluid Plumbing a call to see about the right hot water solution for your home and get a comprehensive quote to know where you stand.

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What are Bosch Hot Water Systems?

Bosch are international hot water manufacturers that offer Australians great value for money across every aspect of their home and business hot water supply.

While different products in the range work best in different situations, what we have come to trust across the Bosch offering is top-quality design and high-grade materials to give you reliable and efficient hot water, no matter which system you choose.

Electric storage hot water systems used to be the most common heating unit for Australian families, particularly because they are the cheapest to purchase upfront, but as energy costs skyrocket, many Australians are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption, as well as reduce the pressure on the environment. 

One of our most sought-after products, especially from Bocsh, is the tankless gas system. The savings in terms of ongoing energy costs are incredible, thanks to Bosch technology that takes things to the next level in convenience and efficiency. What makes this a more enticing offer is that the gas systems from Bosch last considerably longer than gas systems, some with 15-year warranties.

How Does a Bosch Hot Water System Work?

Bosch provides both electric and gas systems as well as heat pumps and solar flexible hot water systems. Each works very differently and comes with its own benefits. The best way forward is to have a licensed plumber from Fluid Plumbing Services out to your Newcastle home for a free assessment. We can discuss the right system for your needs, how it works and the benefits you’ll receive.

The most competitive of the Bosch range is the tankless gas hot water systems. Bosch gas hot water systems use water flow as the trigger to ignite the heating elements, meaning you don’t need a powerpoint or backup electricity to get a spark.

When you turn a hot tap on in your home the heating elements are triggered to heat the cold water entering the pipes. Quality materials and elements allow the water to heat rapidly, so water is warmed almost instantly, much faster than traditional tankless systems. The internal heating element will adjust to suit the flow of water to be delivered as well as the temperature and can continue to provide this until you shut off the taps, never lagging or decreasing the temperature of water.

You can also set the thermostat to a number of individual tap points in your home, so that kitchens and laundries can have access to high-temperature water, while bathroom temperatures are lowered to prevent scalding. This helps create incredible energy efficiency in your home as you only ever heat the water you are using. 

What are the Benefits of a Bosch Hot Water System?

A tankless gas hot water system can reduce home energy use by as much as 50% compared to hot water storage systems as you are not reliant on continually heating a tank of water even when you are not at home. If you do choose a Bosch electric hot water storage unit you’ll get enhanced cladding to prevent heat seepage and give you better efficiency from your hot water tank than other models.

There are generous warranties provided on all makes for elements, labour and parts. Ask us for advice on what benefits you can see both short-term and long-term with the right Bosch hot water solution.

What Bosch Hot Water System Solutions are Available in Newcastle?

The hot water system you need will depend on your individual home. We can come to your property for a free assessment and factor in your household needs. All our plumbers and professional hot water installation specialists are all based right here in Newcastle, we fully understand the local environment and terrain and can factor these needs in as part of your purchase and instalment plan.

As well as an extensive range of the efficient and long-lasting tankless gas hot water systems Bosch is renowned for, Fluid Plumbing can factor in other offers from Bosch including tankless electric, electric storage hot water with slimline models for tight storage spaces, heat pumps and more.

To find the right fit for your home, including the best performing brand, capacity size and instalment methods, it’s important to take all the factors into account, not just the initial purchase price. Talk with professional plumbers and experienced hot water installers about your needs.

Why Choose Fluid Plumbing Newcastle for Bosch Hot Water?

Here at Fluid Plumbing we are so certain of our ability to meet your needs in Newcastle that we provide a 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. As well as Bosch’s generous warranties and our own Fluid Plumbing satisfaction guarantee, once we leave your property you’ll be granted a 365-Day Workmanship Guarantee which means we will return to fix any problem for free within a year of installation.

We have provided trusted plumbing services to Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley regions for over 20 years. Give us a call to see about our competitive Fixed, Upfront Pricing to get you into the best quality hot water systems available that will give your highly efficient and reliable hot water for years to come.

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