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Solar Hot Water Systems on the Central Coast

When talking about solar, people often focus on solar power and instantly think of rooftop solar to power your home, but there are other green energy solutions perfect for the Central Coast climate that can be considered for your home. 

Solar hot water was the first solar solution available in Australia and, at its heart, it’s still one of the simplest and most effective ways to bring cleaner energy to your home. Solar hot water takes up less space on your roof and offers more flexibility in terms of delivering hot water to your home when you need it, even if you don’t have direct sunlight on your collection panels.

You might be surprised to hear some of the biggest international brands have solar hot water offerings. Fluid Plumbing has a licence to sell and install from a wide range of quality providers, all proven to perform in the Central Coast climate from Rheem, Solahart, Aquamax and Dux.

Hot water installations are not the big commitment that extensive solar panels tend to be. The dedicated hot water heating and higher energy output mean there is less to purchase, install and maintain. 

Talk to Fluid Plumbing Services about our solar hot water purchase and installation packages as well as any current government grants that can help make this a competitive option when choosing which hot water system is right for your home. 

Solar hot water is a great way to test the green energy waters and see if you are ready for solar panels to further reduce your energy bills in the future.

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What is Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water heaters are cost-effective, reliable water heating systems that use heat from the sun to bring water to a high temperature and store it for your household use.

A solar hot water heater is able to provide between 50 and 90 per cent of your daily hot water needs, with a gas or electric booster on hand to meet any gaps. The amount of free hot water you receive will depend on the weather. Direct sunlight will equal an ample supply of water that will give you hot water into the night as well, while days that are cloudy or rainy will reduce the ability for your solar hot water to provide a full tank of hot water on its own, however, a household can still reach 50% of their hot water needs, even in these less than ideal conditions.

The booster provided to help out when needed is much more energy efficient than a standard electric or gas hot water system so even when the backup is in play, you are still saving money compared to a standard hot water system.

How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

A stand-alone solar hot water system uses roof-mounted collectors to harness heat from the sun. The collectors, or in some cases solar panels, heat water and transfer it to an insulated tank. Typically the tank is mounted alongside the collectors so that hot water can naturally rise  without any need for power or additional energy. The water is kept warm and ready for use in your home, even if that’s after the sun has gone down or early the next morning. A gas or electric booster is used to help maintain tank heat and provide any backup power your collectors might need.

Because direct sunlight is needed for maximum efficiency, it’s usual for collectors and solar panels to be roof mounted. You’ll also need to have your system installed on an incline for the thermal syphon to work without power.

If the rooftop-mounted storage tank doesn’t work for your home, it is also possible to mount your hot water tank on the ground while the solar element remains on the roof. Using a split system can really save roof space and also look more appealing. The split system isn’t able to take advantage of a free thermal syphon so you will need a small amount of additional energy to run a circulating pump that moves the water into the tank. You can choose to ground your storage tank indoors or outside.

What are the Benefits of Solar Hot Water?

Solar hot water energy conversions are highly efficient, generating more energy per square metre than PV panels. That makes solar hot water the smartest way to get started with green energy. You’ll still have room on your roof to install solar panels down the track, but even if that’s a year or two away, you’ll see big savings with your solar hot water alone.

You’ll see big savings straight away by switching to solar hot water. Electric storage hot water systems are the most common in Australia. They may be cheaper to purchase upfront, however, they are one of the most expensive electrical appliances to run in and the biggest residential contributor to greenhouse pollution, which is why households on the Central Coast can save as much as 65% on their yearly energy consumption and save 1.6 to 2.7 tonnes of carbon emissions by switching from an electric storage hot water heater to solar. 

What Solar Hot Water Solutions are Available on the Central Coast?

Fluid Plumbing Central Coast can supply and install a wide range of solar water heaters from all manufacturers such as Rheem, Dux, Aquamax and Solahart.

As well as traditional roof-mounted tanks and collectors, you can also select from streamlined split systems that allow you to place the tank for hot water on the ground, freeing up space and giving your roof line a little more visual appeal.

You can install a complete solar package with a solar hot water system in one go or choose to start with solar hot water and add solar power and solar battery storage at any time down the track to move your home completely off the power grid and see ultimate energy savings.

Durability and reliability are just as important as efficiency. Your home will require hot water off and on multiple times a day, which is why Fluid Plumbing only supply and install solar hot water systems from proven suppliers. 

We make sure everything you need for the Central Coast climate, as well as your property set up, is provided so that you can get access to reliable and flexible clean, free hot water from the sun.

Why Choose Fluid Plumbing Central Coast for Solar Hot Water

Fluid Plumbing have a trusted name in Brooklyn, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Gosford, with more than 20 years of proven service and experience. We back that up with our 365 Day workmanship guarantee as well as a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee, that’s how much we know you’ll love our service and expertise.

While in your home our fully qualified, licensed and insured tradesmen are dedicated to customer service by valuing your home and respecting your time and family.

Ask about our solar hot water offers and packages and see how competitive our fixed, upfront pricing can be.

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