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Solar Hot Water Systems Newcastle

When it comes to hot water systems in Newcastle, many homeowners opt to replace a like-for-like system when their existing hot water heater gets tired or breaks down. While like-for-like is the cheapest option upfront, there can be very high ongoing costs, not just to your wallet but also to the environment as well as an inability for your next system to meet your hot water demands. It’s well worth talking to our friendly team at Fluid Plumbing about what your other options are and what will work best for your home.

If you are already looking to replace an old hot water heater, a solar hot water option can be a great investment. Solar hot water can be a stand-alone system that works without previous solar installation to draw heat from the sun to supply the majority of hot water you need for the day and store additional hot water overnight. You can also choose from a variety of solar-compatible hot water heaters that run on solar power provided by your existing solar PV.

If you haven’t started your solar journey yet, installing a solar hot water system is a smart way to cut down on your energy bills and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions that your electric hot water system would otherwise produce. 

Solar hot water has come a long way since its humble beginnings, helped along by innovative technology from some of the biggest brands in water heating including Aquamax, Dux, Solahart and Rheem. These big brands all have solar hot water systems available for sale and installation through Fluid Plumbing, so you can feel confident you are buying reliability and quality as standard, which we believe it’s an important aspect of our electricity and gas service provision. Fluid Plumbing will look after all your solar hot water needs throughout Newcastle including Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley.

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What is Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water refers to a range of ways you can heat hot water for your home using the power of the sun. The most efficient and flexible option in the range is a stand-alone system that heats the water inside a collection point and stores it in a roof-mounted tank.

This is a highly efficient process that doesn’t require any conversions or additional work to move hot water into your home, it’s simply heated by the sun, stored in a large tank and sent to your taps when you turn on hot water.  

The simplicity of the system makes it highly reliable and efficient as it needs few additional resources to work. You’ll see a reduction in energy costs, even on cloudy days, and will have access to hot water in the evenings and early mornings, something that your solar panels will struggle with without solar battery storage.

How does a Solar Hot Water System work?

Solar water heating is a simple and efficient process that captures the sun’s heat using specialised rooftop collector panels. The heat from the sun is used directly within the collection point to heat the water inside. As the water reaches temperature it will naturally rise through a thermal syphon process and deposit into the nearby insulated tank where it is kept warm until you need it.

The standard solar water system keeps the collector and tank close together, both mounted on your roof so that you can take advantage of natural thermal syphoning without any additional power to move the hot water from the collection point to the insulated tank.

It is possible to split this system if you like. There are a number of reasons why a water storage tank won’t work for some rooftops. The split flowline system is able to connect rooftop collectors to ground-based tanks and use a pump to transfer the hot water down. 

What are the Benefits of Solar Hot Water?

Solar hot water reduces the amount of electricity your home needs each day. The savings are especially noticeable when you switch from an electric storage hot water heater to solar. Electric systems use an incredible amount of energy to keep hot water tanks at temperature, even when not in use, as well as needing a large amount of heat to bring water to temperature. Perhaps more surprising than your quarterly energy savings is the 1.6 to 3 tonnes of carbon emissions that will be saved from the environment every year.

Compared to solar-driven hot water systems, you get the extra flexibility of access to hot water even when the sun isn’t striking the collectors, making it perfect for those evening or early morning hot showers.

The savings you earn will start to pay off your solar hot water purchase until you reach the point where the costs and installation are covered and you truly receive sun energy for free. You’ll also be adding value to your home in the event that you sell.

What Solar Hot Water Solutions are Available in Newcastle?

Fluid Plumbing can supply, install and service a wide range of solar hot water types from quality providers, including Rheem, Solahart, Aquamax and Dux with professional and reliable sales, repairs and installation services to back up your quality system.

The typical solar hot water installation is a tank and solar combination mounted on your roof, however, if this doesn’t suit your roof type or you want your solar hot water to be a little less obvious, talk to us about split systems, where the tank is mounted on the ground.

An experienced professional from Fluid Plumbing will visit your property to discuss your energy needs and efficiency goals in order to match the right water heater type and brand to your desires and budget. We make sure to offer excellent communications to get you to where you want to be in terms of saving costs, adding value to your home and increasing your home efficiency for years to come.

Why Choose Fluid Plumbing Newcastle for Solar Hot Water

Fluid Plumbing are proud to offer a full range of solar hot water choices from trusted, quality suppliers to give you access to green energy produced by your own home. We back our supplier choices with our 100% unconditional money-back guarantee to give you absolute peace of mind that you are getting the quality you are paying for.

If your property in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Hunter Valley can benefit from switching to greener energy through the convenience and efficiency of solar hot water, our fully qualified, licenced and insured tradesmen are here to provide the highest quality service at fixed rate prices. We can let you know of the government rebates available as well as offer interest-free finance to make your sustainable energy selection affable.

For expert advice that has been proven through 20 years of experience in the local area, give Fluid Plumbing a call to see how to get started.

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