4 Questions to Ask, Before You Hire a Plumber

Choosing a plumber for your home shouldn’t be a hard task. You’ve Googled ‘Central Coast Plumber’ and there are heaps of companies that pop up. You want someone that’s professional, prompt, yet still affordable. Make sure you ask these questions before you hire a contractor to solve your plumbing problem.

1. Are you licensed?

We’ve made this number one, as it is THE MOST important question you can ask your plumber. You assume when you contact a plumbing company that the owner and tradies will all be qualified, but we still recommend to always ask. A NSW licensed plumber is regulated by the states licensing authority, they know the local building codes and can provide a warranty to cover installation and repairs. Even if you have a trainee or apprentice turn up at your place, they need to be supervised by a plumber that has a license.  

 What will it cost?

2. What will it cost?

It’s hard to give an exact cost over the phone, most plumbing companies can give you estimates but they should send someone out to check before they start work. Once you get your price, ask if that quote includes labour, materials, and a contingency plan for any problems. You can also query when and how they need to be paid, and if the quote includes GST.

3. When can the job be done?

Most of the time you call a plumber because there’s an emergency, what if you need someone to come out and fix something that’s not a after hours rush? Good companies can have their staff to your place during normal working hours the following day, it’s not much use if you find a great contractor, but if they can’t fix your plumbing problem for another 6 weeks.

4. Who’s doing the work?

Professional plumbing companies employ more than just one plumber, and for some projects they may send a team of tradespeople. You wouldn’t invite a stranger into your home, so you are well within your rights to ask the name and qualifications of the plumber that will be working at your house.

Hiring a professional with a good reputation is the key to the success for any project. Be sure to ask your plumber these important four questions to make sure you’re hiring the right tradesman for the job.

Contact us here at Fluid Plumbing, we pride ourselves in offering honest advice, and a fair price. We only employ trusted, trained and licensed plumbing experts to send out to your home.