How to Detect a Plumbing Leak Inside Your Walls

One of the worst signs of a potential plumbing nightmare is a wet or dark spot on your walls, floor or even your roof, this is an indication that you have a plumbing problem. While there are a few different causes like a damaged roof or during the warmer months a high level of humidity, one of the main reasons for wet spots is usually due to a water leak in your pipes.

While some leaks happen in easy to reach areas like under your bathroom or kitchen sink, other leaks can start in the pipes inside the walls of your home. Hiding deep behind the walls or above you in the ceiling these issues can go unseen for a long time, you might notice water leaking from the roof or coming from your wall, but sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the location of the leak without opening up the wall or by knowing exactly where the pipes are situated within your walls.

Signs you have a water leak inside your walls

Other than the obvious water dripping from the source, there are a few signs you can look out for to judge if could have an internal leak like; peeling paint or wallpaper on your walls, ceiling or walls that are stained or warped, a musty smell or mould. If you see any of these issues arise in your home, it might be time to turn to your local plumber.

Leaks could be causing potential damage to gyprock or in some severe cases there may be structural damage. Another issue you will find not just concerning your home could be your health. Mould thrives in dark and moist areas like the ones in your walls or under your floors and a leaking pipe is the perfect home for mould to set up residence, but the health implications it can have on your family is serious and a wet spot will quickly form mould.

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