Chemical Drain Cleaners Could Be Causing Damage to Your Pipes

The word NATURAL is what most Australian consumers look for these days when making their purchases of food, beverages and cleaning products. So, it’s no wonder we sometimes think twice if we need to pick up a bottle of drain cleaner from the supermarket shelf. A clogged drain can be annoying, but continual use of drain cleaners could be doing more damage than you think!

Drain cleaners come in liquid, gel or powder form and usually get the job done. But do you know how they work in your drainage system?

Drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that work in a few different ways, some consist of bleach or nitrates that remove food blockages by giving or taking electrons from the organic material to help clear away the problem. Others have caustic ingredients that will release heat to remove built up grease. Because of the build-up of heat, these type of drain cleaners (if used excessively) can start to soften the PVC piping in your home. Worse, they can start to degrade older pipes.

The chemicals may be strong, but they can’t clear a built-up clog and if used in drains that are completely blocked the drain cleaner will end up sitting on top of the debris and eventually causing your pipes extreme damage. This is when it’s time to call a plumber who can get the job done without compromising the condition of your drainage system.

While the natural alternatives may not be as hard working as their toxic counterparts, we advise our customers to steer clear of the chemical crammed products that are being used in your homes. Not only are the harsh chemicals a danger to your health, they are also a serious concern for our environment.

The best option is to try and prevent clogged drains from happening. Use a sink strainer to prevent debris entering your drainage system and get rid of oil or grease by tipping them in an old container and tossing them in the trash. By taking care of your pipes you can avoid costly plumbing repairs down the track. If you do have a plumbing problem, call 02 4308 6772. At Fluid Plumbing we’re here get your drainage system flowing right again.