Dishwashing VS Hand-Washing, what saves more water?

It’s common practice in most households today, after a meal it’s off to the kitchen to wash up, but the argument over what’s better; to hand wash or use the dishwasher, is still a hot debate in most Australian homes.

So, to answer the question what really is better? A study conducted by scientists at Bonn University in Germany discovered that an average of 49 litres of water was used by those that washed up by hand compared to around 13 litres of water by those that used a dishwasher. 

With the spotlight on the cleanliness of our households, it’s not surprising to find that the common kitchen sponge has been picked as a breeding ground for bacteria. Researchers put 14 used household sponges under the microscope to find 362 different types of bacteria, just another win for dishwashing.

Another fact, is that dishwashers not only save you on water usage, but on energy too. With the added pressure used to heat the water each time you use the hot water tap when you wash up by hand. Most energy saving dishwashers come equipped with heaters to warm the water more efficiently so dishwashers that are energy star certified can save more than half the energy than that used by hand washing.

Did you know water should be at least 60 degrees to completely sanitise your dishes?

It’s a clear victory for the dishwasher, but to ensure the cleanliness of your plumbing and to reduce excess build up in your pipes, we have a few handy hints on the best practice to keep your dishwasher running efficiently. Scrape off as much food and debris from the plate as possible into the rubbish bin, then a quick rinse on stubborn stains, make sure you have your drain strainer in the sink to catch any left-over food and then pop your plates into the dishwasher. The filtration system in your dishwasher will still need cleaning and depending on the use, regular maintenance, we recommend cleaning your filter each month. By following these tips you’ll save a build-up of food in your pipes and the dishwasher can do the dirty work, so you can sit back after a meal and relax.

If you’re thinking of buying or upgrading your dishwasher, always look for energy stars, the more stars the more you can save on your water and energy bill. It’s not essential to have a plumber or electrician to install your new dishwasher, but if you want peace of mind, give us a call here at Fluid Plumbing and Electrical on 02 4346 4054. We can fit your dishwasher and save you any plumbing problems in the future.