HELP! I’ve dropped my phone in the toilet.

“Australia’s smartphone obsession is reaching new heights, or perhaps lows, with almost half the population claiming they cannot live without their device. One in 3 people sleep with their phone and 2 in 5 Australians use them on the toilet.”

With most of us glued to our phones, there is a high chance at some time in our lives, our phones will endure water damage, from dropping it in the toilet, to jumping in the pool or even it falling in the sink. How ever it gets wet, if you act fast, you may still be able to save it with these quick and easy steps.

1st Fish it out of the water as quickly as possible. The longer it’s submerged in liquid the greater the damage.

2nd Turn it off. We know first-hand that running an electrical charge through a wet circuit is dangerous.

3rd Dry it off with a paper towel and try to soak up as much water as possible without shaking it. If it’s in a case, take that off and put it to the side – you need to focus on your phone to get it as dry as possible. If you have a phone with a battery, sim or sd card that can be removed, take them out of your phone.

Don’t blow on it as this could push any water to other parts of the phone causing even more damage. Definitely, DON’T use a hairdryer to dry it as this could basically microwave your phone. Causing it to heat up and fry the circuits.

Will putting my wet phone in rice help?

There are still some websites that recommend this method. It was great for phones that had removable backs and batteries where the rice could come into contact with the small inner workings of the phone. These days as phones get more high tech they don’t have removable parts and there is less chance of the rice absorbing the water from your phone. But, in dire situations and let’s face it, in most cases our phones are our life. It could be worth a try.

Leave the phone for a few days in a dry space, out of direct sunlight. Somewhere where it can dry with a natural flow of air. Try turning it back on once you think it’s dry and cross your fingers.

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