Fluid Plumbing Are Proud Supporters of the Tiny Homes Foundation

Tiny Homes Foundation Homelessness Solution

Image source: Tiny Homes Foundation

Whatever your industry, it’s always so much more rewarding when you have the chance to give something back to the community you know and work within. The team at Fluid Plumbing has recently been given that opportunity by being invited to provide essential services to the Tiny Homes Foundation.

What is the Tiny Homes Foundation?

The Tiny Homes Foundation has been set up with the aim of combating homelessness throughout Australia.

It is a not for profit, registered charity that aims to provide housing and support for people currently experiencing homelessness. This is a vital service, not only to offer essential shelter and warmth to homeless people, but also to help them rebuild their lives, providing them with the help and support they need to take their first steps on the journey back to independent living.

This innovative organisation aims to provide new ways of meeting the needs of homeless people by collaborating with a variety of organisations, businesses, including Fluid Plumbing, and government agencies to offer the services and support that homeless people really need.

What does the project involve?

The Tiny Homes Foundation has launched a pilot project on the Central Coast. It is building four to six Tiny Homes which are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. In addition to the homes, there will be a common space offering all the essential amenities for residents and meeting facilities where much needed support services for the homeless, including welfare and education, can be provided.

The Tiny Homes are being built by a dedicated team of volunteers who are gaining vital skills and experience as they learn to construct the homes. Each home will house a single homeless person, offering them the independence they need in order to move their lives forward.

How is Fluid Plumbing involved?

On learning about the Tiny Homes Foundation, David Mikkelsen of Fluid Plumbing was delighted to be given the opportunity to become involved with the pilot program. With 20 years’ experience of providing plumbing and electrical services to Central Coast residents, he has vital skills and expertise which could be put to good use in helping the Tiny Homes Foundation achieve their dream of creating sustainable housing for homeless people.

David has designed all the plumbing and electrical systems for the homes, making sure that their residents will have all the amenities and sanitation they could expect in a regular home. The homes may be tiny, but they’re designed to be comfortable!

The team at Fluid Plumbing, excited by the project, have quickly got behind David to offer their professional services to the Tiny Homes Foundation. Fluid Plumbing will be connecting all the water supplies, electricity, storm water systems and sewer facilities for the homes. It’s a rewarding experience for the team to be providing this vital service to such a worthwhile project on the Central Coast.

The future of Tiny Homes

The Tiny Homes project was inspired by the growing lack of affordable housing in Australia, which is leading to more people experiencing homelessness. This pilot project is being developed in the hope that it will lead to other Tiny Homes villages being created throughout Australia, with help and support from state and local government.

The Foundation also hopes that its work will inspire other Australian organisations to develop similar projects of their own, pulling together to help combat the growing crisis of homelessness, which is affecting the whole country. To help achieve this aim, all the project documents relating to the Tiny Homes pilot project are open source, meaning they are freely available to anyone who wants to use them as reference materials.

Helping other organisations

As the Tiny Homes Foundation has already experienced the practicalities of getting the pilot project off the ground, it can help other organisations wanting to set up similar projects by providing advice and help with issues such as legislative requirements, planning codes and insurance, as well as support service provision, including project management and how to set up productive partnerships with other agencies in order to provide a complete service for the homeless.

It’s also hoped that homeless people can help to build their own Tiny Homes in the future if the pilot project is a success. Fluid Plumbing is proud to be contributing to such a worthwhile and essential project and encourages businesses and organisations across Australia to get involved.