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More and more Canberra homes are getting connected to natural gas. It’s cleaner, cheaper and more effective than electricity for running your home appliances, but getting connected is just the first step, from there you need to really consider how you want to use the gas energy that’s supplied to your home. One highly beneficial option is gas hot water systems.

Buying a new hot water heater is no small task. As well as being an expensive household appliance, you need to consider that it will be used every day for the next ten years at least. That means it’s essential that you buy the right size and the right type to suit your needs so that you can get the hot water your family home demands without increasing your energy bills. Thinking about the long-term running costs is a big factor to take into account that can be easily overlooked when choosing your hot water heater initially.

The range of water systems is staggering with electric and gas being the two main options as well as a variety of green energy styles on offer too. If you don’t know which water heater type or size you need take advantage of our free quote and have one of our Canberra local plumbers come out to visit your property. We can assess your needs and budget as well as give you an accurate guide on ongoing costs and maintenance schedules for any of the units and brands you are considering. That way you can make an informed choice going forward.

At Fluid Plumbing Our plumbers are familiar with the full range and scope of available hot water heaters as well as maintain regular training with each brand to stay current with the latest technology from Rheem, Dux, Rinnai and Vulcan.

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What is a Gas Hot Water System?

While electric water heaters used to be the only option for most Australian homes that’s now changing. Advanced technology has enabled gas systems to be more reliable and cost-effective than before. More households now have access to natural gas lines and there is more cultural emphasis on reducing greenhouse emissions and saving money through energy efficiency. All this adds up to more homeowners and businesses in Canberra choosing gas water heaters over electric.

Gas hot water systems are energy-efficient hot water heaters suitable for any sized home or business right across the Canberra region. Hot water produced by the unit is delivered on an as-need basis so you can easily and conveniently bathe, shower, wash clothes and clean dishes, just by turning on your tap.

Natural gas is a cheaper energy source than electricity and saves on your annual household bills by being more energy efficient. As well as being cheaper, you use less gas to get the same result you would from the same electrical appliances. Gas systems are also more environmentally friendly than electric hot water heaters so you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

How Does Gas Hot Water Work? 

Gas hot water systems can be connected to natural gas or LPG tanks to give you greater flexibility on water heating options for your home.

There are different types of gas hot water systems that work in different ways to heat the water you need, mainly tank and continuous flow types.

Tank hot water systems come in a range of sizes so you can adjust them to suit small, medium and larger homes. They heat water stored in the tank and keep it warm until you need it. This method gives you instant hot water every time you turn on a tap but once the tank is used up, you’re out of hot water until it fills and heats again. Bigger tank sizes give you access to more showers and more washing loads.

Continuous gas hot water heaters save space and are more energy efficient as they don’t require any storage. Instead, they heat the water inside your pipes when you turn on the hot water tap. When you have the taps off, no energy is used. While the water will take some time to heat up before it’s available, when it arrives it will maintain temperature and continue to flow for as long as you have the tap turned on, giving you an endless hot water supply.

No matter which hot water heater type you choose or what quality system you purchase you’ll need to arrange regular maintenance to keep your system performance high. The Fluid Plumbing team in Canberra can let you know the best servicing schedule for the gas hot water system you choose.

Benefits of Gas Hot Water Systems

We don’t often consider hot water as an energy sucker, we are usually more conscious about water conversation when it comes to water use, but energy and hot water go hand in hand. Around 20 per cent of home energy costs come from heating water so it makes sense that cutting back on hot water heating costs will make a difference in your overall home energy bill. While costs and rates can change, typically natural gas supply is cheaper than electricity and more reliable than grid power. Most hot water units run independently, which means you’ll still have access to hot water in a power outage.

Overall gas hot water systems are cheaper to run and more energy efficient while also being more environmentally friendly, making them a great Cost effective choice that is also convenient and efficient. 

Gas hot water heaters are especially well suited the tankless hot water systems which use less space and require less maintenance than the traditional tank style.

Rheem hot water systems
Dux hot water systems
Rinnai hot water systems
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What Gas Hot Water Solutions Are Available In Canberra?

About two-thirds of Canberra homes are connected to natural gas, so our gas technicians and professional plumbing crew work with gas hot water heaters and gas appliances all the time. 

If you don’t currently have a gas hot water system but are interested in changing over we can help. We can assess your property to see what is suitable and what systems you have already in place. From there we can offer an all-inclusive free quote that outlines the total costs of changing your system over including new pipes and gauges. This will give you a clean and accurate outline so you can decide what your next moves might be. 

Our friendly team encourages you to ask as many questions as you need to fully understand your choices for gas products and maintenance and the benefits behind them.

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