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Gas is a convenient and more energy-efficient way to power your home appliances, especially with natural gas being readily available to most Canberra homes. As simple and clean as gas connections may look, working with gas takes educated skills and experience. Even a small problem can lead to extensive damage to your health and your property. As well as risking your health and safety, you also stand to lose the warranty on your gas appliances if you fail to comply with the manufacturer’s conditions.

Whether you are installing a new oven or cooktop, putting in a pool heater, connecting your outdoor barbecue to your natural gas line or changing your hot water heater from electric to gas, you must hire a professional and licensed gas fitter who knows how to handle the job to strict safety requirements. This also goes for removing old and unwanted appliances like gas heaters and hot water systems.

This is definitely not an area you should attempt to sort out yourself. One spark, and your whole house could go up in flames!

If you have recently moved into a new property it’s best to make sure everything with your gas lines is secure. Fluid Plumbing has specialised equipment that can carry out gas checks easily and quickly and give you that peace of mind that your family is safe.

We can assist with any aspect of your gas connection, from connecting to man lines if they are available through to safety checks, repairs, service and installation. Give us a call for a free quote on moving your Canberra property to gas.

What is Gas Fitting?

Natural gas can be supplied directly to your home through underground pipes, or if you are not within the natural gas supply zone, you can buy LPG gas that is bottled under pressure, delivered and fitted to your home as needed.

In both cases, the gas supply to each of your home outlets will need to be sealed and pressurised in order to get ignition and continuous fuel when you need it, as well as to prevent leaks. The piping, seals and connections need to be serviced, detached and attached by a licensed gas fitter who is qualified in looking after gas flow, gas appliances as well as plumbing and gas safety.

As natural gas becomes more reliable and gas appliances show greater innovation around reliability, efficiency and convenience, more Canberra households are taking up natural gas appliances for their homes including:

  • Gas cooking
  • Gas heating
  • Gas hot water
  • Swimming pool heaters
  • BBQs

Fluid Plumbing can assist with recommendations for the right energy set up in your home as well as gas appliance and pipe installations, safety checks, emergency calls outs, gas repairs and servicing.

How Does Gas Fitting Work?

For natural gas connections, gas travels through underground pipes through Canberra’s suburbs and is delivered to each home connection under high pressure. The gas your home uses is metered, in a very similar way to your water use.

Just like with electricity, you do need to exercise caution to keep your property and family safe. Gas pipes to appliances are thin and fragile so even the slightest knock can cause damage that might not be obvious. It’s important that your gas pipes for hot water systems, ovens, stovetops and heaters are well out of the way, and that nothing is stored around or across and out of high traffic areas. 

You also need to make sure you hire a trusted company to service your gas appliances regularly and check for faults. As well as being safe, we find all sorts of small problems that can easily be fixed on the spot rather than them leading to breakdowns, costly fixes and time-consuming repairs down the track. Make sure you contact a professional gas fitter immediately if you have any concerns about your gas supply.

What are the Benefits of Professional Gas Fitting

A big factor with using natural gas is the reduced energy bills you get when switching to gas as the energy is cheaper to purchase and is more efficient to run. Servicing your gas lines, connections and appliances regularly through Fluid Plumbing gives you peace of mind as well as giving your gas appliances greater efficiency and a longer lifespan.

At Fluid Plumbing we take safety seriously. As well as being fully licensed to operate to ACT’s strict standards, we stay up to date with the latest codes to be sure we will always perform our work to the most current Government regulations as well as keep up with new innovations and the latest installation techniques.

Gas is highly efficient so you need less energy for your appliances to work and it’s also typically cheaper in price than electricity.

We are authorised to work across all the big gas appliance brands so that we can install your appliance under full warranty. As well as being safer for your property and home our gas fitting and appliance installation takes into account positioning, ventilation and ground surface quality which can all impact the effectiveness of your appliance and the efficiency of your gas consumption.=

What Gas Fitting Solutions are Available in Canberra

For reliable safety checks and gas fitting services throughout the Canberra region, Fluid Plumbing are on call and ready to arrive at your location promptly. We can assess natural gas line availability in your area, supply gas to your home and fit connections to e outlets you need with professional installation. 

What makes gas so reliable and efficient is that it combusts very easily, which is also one of the factors that make gas so dangerous. When maintained well and fitted by a professional, gas is a safe and efficient energy source.

Thankfully gas leaks have an odour and there can often be a hissing sound to alert you that you need to call a gas technician right away, however, there are times when you might not notice these subtle signs, particularly while sleeping. As well as flammable natural gas is toxic in large volumes so it’s important that you put safety first and make sure your connections are completely sealed and none of your pipes are damaged in any way.

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For a $0 call out and flat rate pricing, give us a call and ask about what we can do to look after your gas appliances and gas delivery to your home for ultimate safety and reliability.

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