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One of the most common plumbing problems in Canberra households is blocked drains, the reason for that is because every time a tap is used or a shower is on, there is potential for debris to be washed down with the water and become trapped in the drain or within the pipe turn.

In most cases, a blocked drain can be fixed quickly and easily when you get onto the problem fast. The longer you leave a small blockage the more likely that the block will become bigger as the pipe opening becomes increasingly smaller with congestion. 

Knowing the right fix to unblock your drain will depend on the location of the block and what is lodged inside. The team at Fluid Plumbing work with blocked drains all the time so finding the right solution the first time is what we do best. We are careful to be gentle on your pipes so there is no damage or wear that will cause your pipe lining to strip away and leave your pipes susceptible to water and mineral damage. 

Different blocked drains will cause bigger problems and require different levels of assistance. If you have a serious blockage or are at risk of water damage make sure you use Fluid Plumbing’s emergency service to get help fast for blocked sewers, which can be difficult to access, blocked toilets, which can cause health issues and leave you without the use of a home or business toilet until it’s repaired.

If you want to start out by asking for some advice on what to do, give Fluid Plumbing a call during office hours for advice about what solutions might work for you as well as a no-obligation free quote for our fast and reliable drain unblocking services.

Call us now for expert blocked drain services in Canberra.

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What is a Blocked Drains?

Drains are designed to remove waste water both inside and outside our home, business and commercial property. Because water is so fluid all you need to do the job is a narrow pipe and plenty of gravity. Unfortunately, water is not the only waste that can go down the drains.


  • Cooking oil
  • Food scraps
  • Hair
  • Caked soap pieces
  • Flushed feminine hygiene products
  • Flushed nappies
  • Wet wipes (even flushable ones)


  • Soil
  • Bark
  • Leaves
  • Weeds
  • Cut grass
  • Pebbles
  • Branches
  • Tree roots (from underground)

Unlike water, these particles are not well suited to narrow pipes and sharp bends, leading to blockages that can either build up over time as matter congests, or set in suddenly if material entering the toilet is large – which frequently happens with objects that are flushed down toilets.

Once a pipe is blocked water will struggle to exit resulting in a range of issues that grow worse the longer they are left.

How to Fix Blocked Drains

There are a number of different home remedies that are effective for unblocking drains but different applications suit different blockages. Knowing what is in the drain causing the block is the first step to applying the right solution as well as taking action early.

A blockage will usually have tell-tale signs like a foul smell in the room, gurgling sounds and slow drainage that indicate water is not flowing away down the pipes easily. If left to fix itself, more matter will congest and lead to pooled water and even backwash.

The reason blocked drains smell is because of growing bacteria. As foreign matter is caught in the drains and pipes and breaks down, it remains wet, creating the perfect condition for bacterial growth. You may notice dirty bubbles coming up from your drain or backwash water that is grey and slimy and smells bad.  It’s important to take action to get your water pipes and drains clean. Bacteria can be dangerous to your health and cause breathing difficulties and rashes.

Fluid Plumbing can clean your pipes with expert tools and the right application the first time. Because the job is fast and easy (with the exception of free roots blocking your pipes) the costs are minimal. We can also explain what happened to cause the pipe to become blocked so you can avoid matter building up again.

What Are the Benefits Of Hiring a Professional to Unblock Your  Drain?

Blocked drains aren’t just inconvenient, they can lead to water failing to drain or even flowing the wrong way. You can also damage your pipe lining if you use the wrong method to try to unblock pipes yourself. Many drain cleaning products from the supermarket are too harsh for your pipes as well as cause severe damage to the natural waterways they enter.

Having a qualified plumber assist with unblocking your drains is faster and more accurate than you’ll be able to manage alone. 

As well as having professional knowledge of drains to accurately gauge where in your pipes the blockage is and how to remove it, Fluid Plumbing also carries specialised equipment that is able to tackle whatever issue your drain is facing. For those problems that stump even us, we have fibre optic cameras that can go deep into your pipes and find blockages that are causing headaches under your house or through to the sewage waste pipes which might be encroaching tree roots or a build-up of tissues or wet wipes.


Blocked drains are a common problem for Canberra homeowners and we get call-outs to fix blocked drains all the time. The faster you get professional help, the quicker and easier the clean-up job will be. If you have a blocked drain problem in any area of your home, especially one that’s recurring, give us a call for a fast and permanent fix.

If you are worried about costs we can arrange a free, no-obligation quote with fast and affordable rates for business hours call-outs.

Our trucks are stocked with all the equipment we need for a fast and quick extraction and clean. For those more difficult jobs, we can do some deep investigating with fibre optic cameras to be able to pinpoint the exact point of deeper blocks as well as what’s causing it. We can also use powerful water jets that are effective for cutting away tree roots or moving blocks that are too deep to extract. 

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