Blocked Pipes: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions You Need to Know

There are many scents you might enjoy in your home, like freshly baked muffins or aromatic candles, but the stench of sewage definitely isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, blocked pipes can lead to unpleasant odours, plumbing complications, and costly replacements if they are not swiftly identified and repaired. By understanding the causes, symptoms, and solutions associated with blocked pipes, you can save yourself a huge headache in the future.

What Causes Blocked Pipes?

The blocked pipes in your home can develop in many different ways. First, the general accumulation of household items like napkins, baby wipes, hair, and minerals can all create build up in your pipes that prevents water from passing through. It is even possible that unlikely items like grease, children’s toys, and dirt are the culprits of your blocked pipes.

Natural corrosion is also a potential cause. Water pipes are meant to last at least 20 years, but natural corrosion can still occur in steel and galvanised pipes.

If build up and corrosion are not causing your blocked pipes, the trees on your property could be to blame. Tree roots are known to put excessive pressure on underground pipes and force them to collapse, snap, or cave in. Some tree roots even crack pipes and snake their way inside, which causes significant blockages.

Signs You’re Dealing with Blocked Pipes

While some symptoms of blocked pipes are obvious, others may be easy to ignore until you’re facing a dramatic and costly problem. Pay attention for the following signs to avoid a plumbing emergency:

  • Your drains produce a rotten sewage odour
  • Your sink drains slowly or does not drain water at all
  • You hear your pipes gurgling when you turn on the tap
  • Water shoots out in bursts instead of pouring from the faucet in a smooth stream

Fixing Your Blocked Pipes

Using a drain cleaning product offers the easiest solution to blocked pipes, but that may only be a band aid solution. If your pipes are significantly blocked, you need the help of a qualified plumber to identify the problem and recommend a treatment that will clear your pipes of debris, repair any damage, and help water run smoothly once again.

You can trust the team at Fluid Plumbing to clear your drain blockages, no matter how large or stubborn. Fluid Plumbing utilises innovative and advanced technology to serve the central coast of NSW from Northern Sydney to Newcastle. Call (02) 4346 4054 to schedule your appointment with Fluid Plumbing today. There are many things in life to stress you out, but blocked pipes shouldn’t be one of them!